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Strategic Heritage Plan (SHP) Procurement

The United Nations General Assembly approved the establishment of the Strategic Heritage Plan (SHP) which includes the construction of a New Permanent Office Building of approximately 22,371 m2, together with the complete renovation of the main Palais des Nations complex of buildings, much of which dates back to the 1930’s. The historic buildings will be fully renovated, with priority given to ensuring health and fire safety and accessibility for persons with disabilities.

Phase I of the project foresees the construction of the new permanent building (NPB) “Building H”.

Phase II of the project foresees the renovation of conference rooms of existing buildings (Building A, Building B offices and Library, Building C, Building D, Building S,and at the end of the renovation Building E).

Phase I

Enabling Works Package

Contract 1: 2017 to 2019 - Construction of New Building

Phase II

Renovation of Existing buildings:

Contract 2 : 2019 - Renovation of 100,000+ m2 of the 1930's historic buildings of the Palais des Nations. Building A, AB, AC and partial B 1 (archives), B2, C, D, S and partial B (offices and library)

Contract 3: 2021 - Demolition of 20,000+ m2 and 50,000+ m2 renovation of the 1970's building of the Palais des Nations, Building E

In the context of the renovation of the existing historical buildings of the Palais des Nations built between the 1930’s- 1950’s, UNOG held a Business Seminar on 20 March 2018 focusing on the contracting strategy for the works and upcoming publication of the Expression of Interest in the United Nations Global Market (UNGM) portal.

Please find here more information on the recent SHP business seminar and related SHP project opportunities.

Open Procurement Opportunities (Contract 2)

Future Procurement Opportunities (Contract 3)

Closed Procurement Opportunities