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Award Procedure

UNOG procurement is carried out in accordance with the United Nations Financial Regulations and Rules through UNOG Purchase and Transportation Section. Contracts/purchases for US$ 40,000 or more are awarded on the basis of international competitive bidding through Invitations to Bid (ITBs) or Requests for Proposals (RFPs), unless there are exceptional factors which preclude bidding, such as extreme urgency. Tendering is made amongst pre-qualified vendors from the UNOG Vendor Roster; very large prospective contracts, however, will be advertised by Requests for Expression of Interest or through newspapers, or posted under the United Nations Global Market (UNGM) and UNOG Procurement website.

Normally, tenders are to be submitted in a sealed envelope. In urgent situations, bids may also be requested to be submitted to a secure fax facility. In this connection, vendors are requested to strictly adhere to the bidding instructions annexed to the solicitation documents.

Formal bids/proposals are opened and recorded in a public session; bidders will be given, upon request, the bid abstract, as recorded at the public opening.

The main considerations for contract award are compliance with specifications, price, technical quality and acceptability, and compliance with delivery schedules. Depending on the value of the proposed contract, the final award may be subject to review and recommendation by the UNOG and Headquarter Committee on Contracts.


The following applicable United Nations General Terms and Conditions of Contract are annexed to the relevant contracts awarded by the UNOG: