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Diplomatic Committee

The Diplomatic Committee is a tripartite forum for consultation and discussion of all issues that have an impact on the work of the diplomatic community in Geneva. It endeavours to promote and strengthen the relations between the host country, the diplomatic community in Geneva and UNOG.
The Committee, which meets periodically, is composed of two representatives at ambassadorial level nominated by each regional group, as well as the representative of China. The Chairman of the Committee is selected from among the members on a geographical rotational basis for a one-year term, starting on 1 January of each calendar year. A Vice-President is also selected to act in the absence of the Chairman and automatically assumes the presidency in the following year.
The Committee may consider all questions of general interest, including privileges and immunities, housing, transport and insurance, with a view to expressing opinions and proposing solutions to the host country or to the Director-General of UNOG. The Committee may also discuss with the host country the question of security of missions and their personnel.

Representatives of the host country regularly participate in the meetings of the Committee. The Director-General of UNOG, the Chief of the Protocol and Liaison Service and the Legal Adviser of UNOG, also participate in the work of the Committee. In this regard, they provide it with the necessary assistance and bring to its attention questions of mutual interest concerning the Headquarters Agreement concluded by the international organizations and the Swiss Federal Council in April 1996.